Saigon Graffiti and Street Art Walking Tour

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Duration Half Day

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Stroll along Saigon’s streets and alleys in a 4 hour Saigon street art walking tour, you will have a chance to discover the hidden secrets of the Ho Chi Minh city. Highlights include funky street art, hip cafes and shops concealed with art deco apartment blocks, good street snacks and the historical remained spots.

What’s Included

  • 9:00AM meet @Saigon Opera House
  • Professional English-speaking guide
  • Lunch with local beer or soft drinks
  • Scooters with drivers applied for scooter tour
  • A cup of Vietnamese coffee or smoothies

What’s Not Included

  • Hotel pick-up and drop off
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Gratuities



Saigon Graffiti and Street Art Walking Tour (L)

This is an excellent walking tour with an inquisitive and fun local insider discovering hidden secrets of the Ho Chi Minh city. Highlights include Saigon funky street art, Saigon hip cafes and shops concealed in art deco apartment blocks, good street snacks, and lunch in a chic Vietnamese restaurant. Additional transport between walking stops is by taxi or motorbike.

You’ll be shown artistic murals large and small as you explore streets pulsating with creative energy, in a district rapidly becoming a country-renowned center of street art, as well as Saigon’s graffiti cultural locus.

During the Saigon walk tour you’ll be immersed in the culture and lifestyle of today’s urban artists, who are mainly from Saigon, Vietnam. Learn about the top contemporary local artists and their quirky personalities, and find out just how much people have been willing to pay for their work.

 3a station was demolished in may 2017 for a new commercial

Discover the different styles and forms of the trade, which include murals, wheatpaste posters, tags, and stencils. Learn about the techniques employed and how they have developed and evolved over time. In addition, you’ll also visit several shops and hip cafes concealed in art deco apartment blocks located just within district 1. The tour concluded with good street snacks, lunch in a chic Vietnamese restaurant.

This is the perfect tour if you want to learn more about this exploding phenomenon, or if you simply would like to see for yourself the very best street art Saigon has to offer.


Note: the Saigon street art walking tour is offered on a join in basis, so there may be other guests joining you on the tour. Our maximum group size is 8 people. For guests that do not want to go in a group, we also offer a private tour option for an extra charge.

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21 thoughts on “Saigon Graffiti and Street Art Walking Tour

  1. Avatar Kate Mashal says:

    Great new tour in Saigon!

    We got to walk around Saigon & find hidden treasures of the city we would not have discovered by ourselves. We explored a variety of places including cafes, street art, clothing shops, antiques & amazing infrastructure. Our guide Joseph was informative, with excellent English, catered the tour to our interests & took us of the beaten tourist track. I highly recommend this tour & suggest you do it in your first couple of days in Saigon to be able to revisit the gems you find. Value for money tour.

  2. Gerald P Gerald P says:

    A blissful morning in Saigon

    I’ve been living in Saigon for quite some time now and have seen some of the popular tourist destinations. It was great… but I never got to see much more than that. A friend of mine told me about Detoured Asia, that it is supposed to do exactly that – show me the sites of Saigon that are often missed.

    The experience was not only engaging but tranquil as well. The entire group had a blast and the tour guide, Joseph, was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. The building he took us to turned out to be WAY MORE than what it looks like. I would have never found these places by myself. And there really are a lot of surprises Joseph throws in.

    Thank you so much for a wonderful experience Detoured Asia! I am looking forward to touring with you in other cities in the future.

  3. Bruce Baron Bruce Baron says:

    Detoured Asia company is wonderful

    Three of us, all U.S. educaters, spent three days with Joseph Van Tran’s tour company he has named Detoured Asia. Two days were spent with Lan Anh Nguyen who was trained as a guide by Joseph and the third day was with Joseph himself. Lan Anh took us to the Cu Chi Tunnels and a day tour Mekong River… both fascinating, wonderful experiences. Lan Anh is fluent in English, has a good background on Vietnam history (but very open about learning more) and a delightful sense of humor.

    Joseph is totally fluent in English and can discuss ancient Asian history as well as the “American War” (as it is called in Vietnam). There wasn’t a question he couldn’t answer or a topic he didn’t enjoy discussing. He also ate lunch with us in a very cool, out-of-the way restaurant. Most guides eat with other guides, which is understandable, but Joseph chose to eat with us and helped us pick out some culinary treats we would have never found on our own. When we were caught in a sudden downpour, he led us quickly into a contemporary handicrafts gallery. We could stay as long or as short as we wanted anywhere or switch out the itinerary. It truly felt like a “personal” tour.

    Both Joseph and Lan Anh were enthusiastic and involved in our experience from early in the morning to late at night. All in all, we cannot imagine having the same experience in Saigon and the surrounding areas without them!

  4. Janet Bolding Janet Bolding says:

    Awesome tour in and around Saigon

    I recently spent a few days in Saigon and was lucky enough to have Joseph show my family & I around the city, and also out to the Cu Chi underground tunnels. It was the best way to start our holiday! Joseph was such a wonderful guide and a really lovely person as well. I could not recommend this guy highly enough!

  5. Christian M Christian M says:

    Extremely unique tour, with a genuinely phenomenal guide

    1) You’ll see real Saigon, not the tourist version. In particular you’ll get to visit places that are very diversifying relative to your run of the mill motorbike tour. If you’re like me and would much rather see the hipster/Williamsburg side of a city versus the conventional Time Sq/Empire State sites that you can find on your own this tour is for you.

    2) Awesome photographs–don’t want to give anything away but I took some of the best photos of my trip on this tour. If you need excellent Instagrams look no further than Detoured Asia.

    3) Real insight and great conversation with someone who has lots of subject expertise and an obvious passion for the city. He’s not just showing up at his job–the man who leads these tours has a very clear love and lots of excitement for what he is doing which makes a world of difference.

    Can’t recommend Detoured Asia enough–hope this concept expands beyond Saigon soon.

  6. Adam P Adam P says:

    A charming side to the city

    Stephanie was so kind and helpful and she showed us a charming side to the city that I would never have discovered on my own. She took us to some really quant and quirky places and an awesome place for lunch which again I would not have discovered. I am thinking of relocating to Ho Chi Minh so her knowledge of the city was invaluable and she really went the extra mile to explain places I might like to live, work, shop, do yoga and go out. I had a really enjoyable day and would highly recommend this tour to anyone tourist or expat. Thank you Stephanie.

  7. Alexis Y Alexis Y says:

    Very interesting tour, recommended

    If this is your first time visiting Vietnam and you don’t speak Vietnamese, like me, this is definitely a good tour to start with. Joseph was very friendly, attentive and informative. There were many fun surprises during the tour and it’s well organized so that you won’t be too hot or too tired. Also you could ask him many questions about where to visit in the city and in surrounding area, local culture, food… which was very helpful to me. I would recommend this tour to my friends and family.

  8. Bryan S Bryan S says:

    Different Side to Saigon

    We booked with Detoured Asia for an unconventional approach of Ho Chi Minh City and we delighted. Highly professional, witty and refreshing program with Huey. Really enjoyable few hours with Huey and Anna exploring parts of the city that we wouldn’t have seen by ourselves. Food and refreshment stops were outstanding. If you’ve only got a few days in town as we did then this is a very effective way to get immersed in the ‘feel’ of Saigon. We had teenage boys in our group and they really enjoyed the tour also.

    Don’t hesitate and go ! Highly recommended.

  9. Alan Brookhouse Alan Brookhouse says:

    Saigon’s real treasure

    If you want to see the best of Saigon go with Joseph. He was very knowledgeable about everything we toured. Speaks very good English could not have asked for a better guide. We had a three days with Joseph touring areas around Saigon, we visited the Mekong river market and surrounding area great trip plenty to see especially if you take the river trip.

    Joseph took us on a walking tour of the city very enjoyable he will tell you place’s of interest the old Post office the Catholic Church and the viewing platform in the tallest building in Saigon. You will not be disappointed with Joseph as your tour guide.

  10. Jenny J Jenny J says:

    Amazing Hidden Saigon Walking Tour!

    We loved Joseph! He took us around places in HCMC that we would have never stepped foot in if it wasn’t for him. The places we went to were kind of a surprise, as we weren’t informed beforehand, which made the tour a bit of a thrill. Thank you for taking us into a ghetto looking building, because inside we found treasures and of course, amazing cafes. Till we meet again! Please expand into SEA!

  11. William L William L says:

    Great New Tour in Ho Chi Minh city

    Detoured Asia took us on a sightseeing tour throughout District 1 in HCM. Incorporating delicious food, sights and hidden gems — Joseph took us around the city giving us a different perspective of the hustle and bustle of Saigon. This tour is great for newly arrivals along with people who live here too! It is always fun to make your way around the city with a different set of eyes leading the way. You tend to see things you hadn’t noticed before. 🙂

  12. Micki V Micki V says:

    Brilliant day out

    I can’t rave enough about Joseph and Detoured Asia. It was a great way to get an insight into the real life of the city and score some good food tips. It felt more like a great day hanging out with a friend who just happened to know all about Ho Chi Minh rather than a formal tour.

    If you’re only in Ho Chi Minh for a couple of days or if you’re staying for a while and want someone to help you find your feet and food spots I highly recommend a tour with Detoured Asia.

  13. Arielle T Arielle T says:

    Enthusiastic and well-informed

    Exploring the fascinating hidden nooks and crannies of Saigon was perfect with Joseph. He’s a passionate advocate of one of Asia’s most energetic cities, and really attuned to seeking out interesting local spots that go way beyond the expected highlights for travelers. The tour was well-paced, including lots of authentic surprises and great local food, and throughout the five-hour experience Joseph’s warmth, spark and humor consistently shone through. Highly recommended, but after reading Detoured Asia’s other reviews, you probably knew that already.

  14. Edward S Edward S says:

    A date with Saigon

    Joseph is naturally a super friendly person and he’s really put together a tour that shows you a fun and friendly side of Saigon. This tour is perfect for long term and short term guests here in HCMC. I really had no idea what I was getting into before we detoured through the city, it was informative, diverse and full of surprise. Definitely worth experiencing a day with this man in such a lovely city.

  15. Jeff Rosenberg Jeff Rosenberg says:

    Great walking tour of Saigon

    This is a wonderful tour if you are interested in street art. Our guide Joseph was very good and knowledgeable of Saigon and what it has to offer. Joseph took 3 of us through different parts of the city, pointing out unique buildings, interesting graffiti, hidden cafes, tidbits about the bridges, buildings and communities. The last stop for lunch was a perfect choice and conveniently located to several foot massage and nail salons. Even though I researched Vietnam for 2 years, I felt I learnt a lot on this 4 hour tour. Don’t miss it!

  16. Sarah E Sarah E says:

    Great company, tasty dishes and no hassle!!

    Totally recommend Detoured Asia! Joseph is a laid back, welcoming host, eager to show off some of the city’s hidden gems. I’ve been in Ho Chi Minh City for a few months now and he managed to show me a new side of the city, some unbelievable food and I got to hang out with some pretty chilled people for half a day. If you’ve only got a few days, take Detoured Asia (not a tour bus!!), and you’ll get to experience the real HCMC!!

  17. Chris O Chris O says:

    A wonderful tour with many exciting secrets

    This tour was amazing. I never thought such a side of Saigon existed. The tour leaded was super chill and I felt like the personality of everyone else on the trip was just awesome. The tour will ensure you a different yet local experience. Joseph was really friendly and helpful. Not only the locations he brought us to were unique, the additional places he recommended us to visit after the tour were great too! No joke, I want to go again, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to!

    Definitely take this trip if you are in Saigon and want something “different” but still awesome!

  18. Stephen T Stephen T says:

    A side of the city we would have never seen otherwise

    Joseph took just my sister and I, on our own private tour to see a side of Saigon we would have never found on our own. After meeting us at our hotel and taking us for a great local breakfast, Joseph guided us on a partially walking tour of hidden nooks and crannies around the city, checking out amazing architecture, cool coffee shops and more.

    I didn’t even know the was a Japan town in Saigon until we had a pleasurable walk around it’s graffitied alleys, stopping off for a cooling drink. We opted for a taxi tour rather than the scooter tour but only had to get Taxi’s a few times to places that were much too far to walk to.

    With a great local breakfast and lunch, drinks and other expenses included in the cost, do bring some cash for some “extra surprises” along the way. Joseph is a fun and engaging guide and well worth spending the time with in Saigon.

  19. Avatar Curtis Hiles says:

    Saigon Hidden Street Art Walking Tour

    Huy took me on a fantastic walking tour of the city’s street art and hidden food places. The best parts were the quiet pockets of the city like Japan Town. Huy answered all of my questions and told me all about the city’s history. I would 100% recommend this tour to anyone and everyone. Thanks for a brilliant experience.

  20. Kerryn B Kerryn B says:

    Excellent tour of Ho Chi Minh city

    Wanting to see a different side of Ho Chi Minh city, I booked this tour with Joseph. He was great company, showing us old apartment buildings now housing cafes and shops and some excellent street art, ending with lunch in a very cool restaurant. Highly recommend for a different view of Saigon.

  21. Avatar Anthony G says:

    Ho Chi Minh City Hidden Gems

    My wife and I booked a half day tour with Joseph around the busy HMC and were shown some amazing spots. Joseph knows the city & gave us some great insights to the busyness. We took in the sights, had an amazing coffee stop, grabbed the best lunch of our trip and enjoyed our time with Joseph. Thanks for the photos and the memories.


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