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As one of the least-populated countries in Asia, Laos holds within its borders enough uncharted allure and beauty to astound even the most seasoned of travellers. But what enchants visitors to Laos most is its spiritual intrigue and uncommon serenity. Nowhere in Asia is the scent of burning incense or chanting of Buddhist monks more ethereal and fascinating.

Experience for yourself the secrets behind Laos’ mysterious beauty in its historic sights and lesser-explored destinations. Wander through centuries-old temples in Luang Prabang before carving through river caves in Vang Vieng. Meander along wide, breezy boulevards in Vientiane while soaking up its former colonial charm. Explore the wild and wonderful charms of Indochina’s least-developed country on a journey into the heart of Laos.

At Detour Asia, our tailor-made itineraries are designed to feature the best of Laos while offering unique cultural experiences in this incredible country. We can customize each of our Laos itineraries to match your preferred travel period, touring needs and budget while providing an unforgettable travel experience in Southeast Asia.

As specialists in tailor-made travel, our Laos tours are designed with your unique travel style in mind. Click on any of our itineraries to get started in creating your unique tour to Laos

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